Truth About Abs Review

Mike Geary, the author of Truth About Abs, is a certified nutritionist and specialist and personal trainer. He loves to eat and eats as much as he desires of all the healthy and natural foods presented in his book The Truth About Abs. His appetite is constantly satisfied. He says that once you start eating in a healthy manner as recommended in the book, your body will be nourished with the micro-nutrients that it needs. Your training program doesn’t have to feel like an unpleasant task, it should be fun and should challenge you to improve your body appearance over time.

Truth About Abs demonstrates that a firm lean set of abs is achievable, if you get in the right attitude, be willing to follow sound training advice and a healthy diet that reduces body fat loss. This requires some hard work, discipline, time and patience. When you get into the Truth About Abs, you will feel more energized and more productive to follow the guidelines expressed in the book on the fastest way to get abs.


Comparative Leanness or Body Fat Percentage

In your quest for muscular growth of the abs, it is crucial to have a six pack appearance, but your body fat percentage is the most important aspect.

If you want to find out how much body fat you need to shed, it s important to have your body fat percentage measured. Truth About Abs manual focuses on verified strategies, and secrets that help reduce your body fat to a level that your flat bellyis clearly visible.

The Starting Point

Mike reiterates in his book that your mental attitude and mental status is the exact starting point for success in anything.

This involves:
  • Decide precisely what you want and how you want your body to look
  • You must have a burning desire for what you want to achieve
  • Write down the exact goals for what you want to achieve
  • Visualize and feel what you want to achieve as if you have already achieved it
  • Believe that you can achieve it
  • Take action now. Do not procrastinate.

The Importance of Your Diet

In you your quest on getting rid of belly fat to get six pack abs, your nutrition is going to be more important than your training.

Make sure you’re aware of what different types of foods you partake, are doing inside your body .This eBook will educate you on all aspects of nutrition that are important to achieving lean and healthy abs for the rest of your life.

Blood Sugar Process and Carbohydrates

When eaten, carbohydrates are broken down in your body and added to your insulin level, according to the quantity of carbs you ate, and the speed with which they are digested. The amount of fibre contained in the carb source, combined with how much protein and fat you ate, affects how quickly digestion takes place and the blood sugar and insulin levels. Slow and balanced carbohydrate sources are important because they give you stable energy levels, lessen cravings, and allow your body to make use of fat for energy.

Eating the Right Fats Can Actually Make You Leaner

Eating sufficient healthy fats helps you lose body fat and create a lean healthy body. Animal fats from meat and whole dairy are important sources of fat if eaten in moderation and total calories taken into account help you lose weight.

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Balanced Healthy Eating

When you start eating a healthy, natural diet, you no longer crave junk food. Eating a balanced diet gives you all the quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, you need to stay healthy. Develop a tendency of reading labels and learning how many calories are in all of your usual foods.

The Secret Fat Loss Benefits of Tea

Green tea and oolong tea contain substances along with caffeine that work through diverse mechanisms in our bodies to help in fat loss black and white tea also contains caffeine and antioxidants, and promotes fat loss too.

Dietary Strategies
  • Eat 5-6 small meals of equal proportions after every 3 hours daily
  • Plan all of your meals on a weekly basis
  • Analyse your daily calorie requirements to lose weight
  • Eat small portions of lean protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats at every meal
  • Focus on natural foods
  • Avoid crash diets
  • Do not cut calories too low that leaves you with an energy deficit exceeding 1000 calories per day
  • Avoid refined oils, and trans fats completely
  • Try to include green, oolong, black, and white teas into your daily diet to prop up fat burning in your system.
  • Include chilli and cayenne pepper in your foods for a metabolic boost
  • Choose organic foods more often to avoid fat-storing effects of pesticides in your body.
  • Reduce soy products, beer, and other estrogenic foods to assist in getting rid of your belly fat.

Resistance, Frequency, and Duration of Ab Training

Your focus in the gym should be on bigger complex movements like squats, dead lifts, and upper body multi joint presses and pulls .You can also complete your workouts with an intense abs training of 5-10 minutes. This way, your body works harder and burns more calories during and after the workout.

Recommended Exercises to focus on
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Hip thrusts
  • Leg Bench thrusts
  • Reverse crunches
  • Ab bicycles
  • Ab scissors
  • Ball crunches
  • Alternating crunches
  • Ab wheel
  • Ground side plank holds
  • Transversus abdominis development

Mike also recommends incorporating several strengthening and functional warm-up exercises into your routine that include:
  • Straight Leg Bridge and double leg curl on a solid ball
  • Mountain Climbers and jumpers
  • Reverse rise from four point position
  • Reverse rise from push-up position
  • Cable lateral chopping on stability ball
  • Reverse back extension on stability ball
  • Break dancing

Truth About Abs Work

Frequency and Duration of Training Sessions

The best training is done in 45-60 minutes per workout; 3-4 days per week. This allows for adequate training stimuli that forces your body to adapt, and gives you ample resting time to prevent you from burned outs or overtraining. You can also try experimenting with different intensity workouts that your body can withstand.

The book Truth About Abs is a well written detailed book on nutrition and abs exercises that will give you first hand results for your stomach exercises work out plan.

Every nutrition and info on all kinds of exercises like "how to get six pack abs fast" and "lose belly fat fast and easily" are well outlined.

The most important thing however is making up your mind to start the journey of losing fat and gaining those sexy long lasting abs that will make you feel good about yourself every single day of your life. The Truth About Abs program is only $39.95, invest in it today, to get all the amazing benefits on the fastest way to get abs.